The Smart Way to Generate Leads

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Lead generation, or, initiating the process in which a customer will inquire about your car dealership and potentially become a customer, is just a single step in how you sell. However, it’s the most crucial. How you generate leads for your car dealership can have a major influence on your sales goals.

There are multiple methods that a dealership can use to generate leads but figuring out the smartest way for your dealership can take time, and time is of the essence when you’re working in the fast-paced automotive industry. To better understand lead generation, let’s take a better look at what a lead is.

Essentially, a lead is a person who has shown interest in your car dealership by reaching out to your business. Whether they’ve landed on your website, one of your social media platforms, or have heard about your company from a friend or family member, if someone inquires with your car dealership, they’re a potential buyer in the initial stages of trusting your services. Lead generation is the step before you attain a lead – it’s all about attracting prospects and turning them into customers.

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When a stranger wants to have a relationship with your car dealership, turning them into a buyer can be easy if you have the right sales strategies and strong communication in place. Lead generation is a fundamental point in the consumer’s journey and it’s the best time to turn them into a dedicated buyer.

Generating leads online is one of the best ways to find customers. As opposed to outbound lead generation, where a company will cold call customers, online lead generation is a form of inbound marketing that can help your dealership refrain from turning into a disruptive caller – a marketing strategy that may worked before, but not so much anymore. Consumers today discover brands through online marketing channels like your website, online content, and social media platforms. Ensuring that you have call to action (CTA) buttons on each one of these channels will mean visitors will be able to click a shortened link that will bring them to your landing page, where they’ll be encouraged to act like filling out a form or entering their email address in exchange for an incentive. Content, more information about your dealership, or a free financial evaluation are just some of the things that might motivate a person to send you their information.

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Leads can be generated through front-end generation, which is used to promote your website’s landing page, content from a blog, email marketing, retargeting efforts from advertisements, and social media. Although lead generation includes a wide range of different strategies, focusing on the platform that you use to advertise your car dealership and aligning it with your prospective audience is the smartest way to generate leads, as doing so will ensure that the right potential buyers are engaging with your content. These three tips for lead generation can help your car dealership find more leads on each one of your platforms.

1. Use the Right Tools

Utilizing the tools available on each platform for lead generation will help raise the amount of leads you attain. Also, developing a system to help your team organize leads will minimize the risk of any potential customer being lost in the initial stage of buying. Facebook Page Insights and Google My Business are just two of the many marketing tools available for businesses who need more information about potential customers. If you don’t know how many people view your website, the pages they visit, their names, or their email addresses, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on connecting with a lot of potential customers.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency is key when you’re attracting leads. As research has proven to be the initial stage consumers take before inquiring with a business, it’s important that your messaging across all your marketing platforms – whether it be in person or online – is the same. Converting a high amount of leads starts with ensuring your team delivers on what your marketing promises. From graphic design to online responses and advertising copy, your marketing strategy should be seamless and consistent. Otherwise, customers will notice and might assume your dealership isn’t professional, and therefore lack your trust.

3. Remember the Buyer’s Journey

Leads arise at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Maybe the lead you received this morning has been inquiring with dealerships for quite some time and has an abundance of research under their sleeve. Alternatively, maybe a lead hasn’t researched car buying at all, and you are their first point of contact. A person who is in the initial stages of the buyer journey might be looking for something different as opposed to someone who is more familiar with your company. Having CTA buttons on each one of your web pages can help you navigate where the buyer is in the sales cycle – if someone is reading your blog, they might be in the early stages of buying. However, someone who inputs their email on your landing page might be ready to potentially buy.

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