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By Shannon Friesen | Dealer Services

As the VP of Dealer Services at Canada Drives, I frequently visit car dealerships situated all over Canada. After five years of meeting with General Managers face-to-face and working collaboratively with them, an obvious issue within the automotive sector has made itself apparent.

A barrier that stands between Canadian car dealerships and their ability to maximize profit is rooted in customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Existing CRM systems have turned tracking the data of a customer’s lifecycle into something overwhelming, bound to clunky technology. Why should this matter to you?

When a dealership works with Canada Drives, they enter a partnership with us. I’ve witnessed first-hand the lack of organization that can occur within a fast-pace dealership. The desk of the sales team turns into a graveyard for hot leads; a place where cluttered papers and stacks of files are often misplaced or forgotten about, and it’s often left for the GM to clean up.

Our success relies on the success of our partner dealerships, and disorganization costs time, money and resources.

The goal of any CRM is to drive sales by improving your relationship with customers. However, in working with hundreds of clients from big to small, I've realized that most CRM's lack key functions that dealerships need: tracking return of investment (ROI) on a single source, automatic access to precise analytics on leads, mobile responsive features, and the ability to have new hires up and running efficiently within minutes.

After listening to our partner dealers and understanding their frustrations with current CRM tools, we’ve developed the Canada Drives Portal – a system that organizes lead information with an easy-to-use interface. The Dealer Portal is a simple solution to the complexities of basic CRM’s. Fully searchable, the Dealer Portal allows each team members access to key metrics within seconds of opening.

Unlike CRM’s that only allow one login, our Dealer Portal can be modified by each member of a sales team with individual accounts. Developed in-house, the Dealer Portal has a dashboard to help manage loan applications and easily track and maximize ROI.

By December 2017, the Canada Drives Dealer Portal will be implemented in 300 Canadian car dealerships. Designed specifically to increase profit, alleviate stress and set sales up for success, our portal is a safe and secure tool that dealerships receive when they partner with us.

The primary focus of a General Manager is how much investment is bringing return and how effectively they’re managing their sales team, and the level of organization at your dealership is deeply rooted in the tools being used to set dealerships up for greater success.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Canada Drives Dealer Portal, please contact us here!

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