Is Using Third-Party Leads Cheating?

By Canada Drives Newsroom | Dealer Services

Dealerships who need help getting a more consistent customer flow often turn to third-party lead generation sites for help. Through advertising and marketing strategies, third-party lead sites can help dealerships get quality customers fast.

The traditional way of how consumers buy cars is rapidly changing. Hours of research has replaced the physical act of walking around a show room or used car lot. For both the consumer and the dealership, there are pros and cons to this new method of car buying.

Car buyers today know exactly what they want. People in the market for a ride spend time researching online before they even step foot inside of a dealership, and dealerships have had to adjust to this customer; learning how to sell to research-savvy individuals is just the tip of the iceberg. Getting leads, making sales, maintaining brand and customer loyalty, and becoming experts in the field of financing are just some of the factors that influence a dealership’s overall success.

Most businesses experience slower months, and this is especially true for car dealerships. With this and the customer in mind, one of the most important things a dealership can do is establish a consistent sales flow. But that’s not always easy. Third-party lead generation companies are gaining popularity within the automotive industry because they can provide dealerships with the leads they need. Not all dealerships will need to rely on this type of service, some dealerships are fully capable of attracting car buyers directly to their website. However, having an intermediary between a dealership and customers is proving to be a strategy that’s making both parties profit.

Unfortunately, one stereotype for dealerships that buy leads from third-party sources is that using third-party leads constitutes as cheating. The response is simply heck no. Lead generation sites earn their revenue through advertising platforms as well as leads to dealerships, and dealerships pursue these shoppers via email or phone. The relationship between a lead provider and a dealership is one that is transparent, almost always guaranteed (depending on the lead provider) and can help create and promote your dealership’s brand. Essentially, lead generation is cultivating customers for your car dealership.

Here’s why third-party lead sources could be the perfect option for your business.

1. Secured Leads

Third-party lead generation sources should send you reputable leads. Do your research on third-party sites before signing up, and make sure the business you partner will provide pin-point targeting and consistent lead volume. As a dealership buying leads, it’s your right to know exactly what your spending money is going towards. Good third-party sites should have years of experience getting high-intent customers who are looking specifically for an auto loan. Your third-party leads should be high-quality, otherwise you’ll be wasting your time and money. Look at the lead source’s website – is it updated and filled with valuable information? Are their customer testimonials and contact information accessible? These are all factors that should be readily available for you to see and engage with. It doesn’t hurt making an inquiry to get all of the information you can before you decide to buy leads.

2. Maintaining Brand and Customer Loyalty

Working with a third-party lead generation site can help increase your dealership’s brand loyalty and customer reach. A great third-party site ensures that your given only the best quality leads, and dealerships can often count on good customers that are happy with their purchase to return in the future. People who are comfortable and trust a dealership will typically stay with that dealership, and third-party sites that specialize in quality leads can help you find and secure these customers.

3. You Work with Advertising Experts

The reason why a dealership might want to buy leads is because finding an organic and consistent customer base is difficult when you’re a full-time salesman. Time is money in the business world, and navigating the world of advertising is tricky, especially if it’s not your area of expertise. When you work with lead generation experts, you’re working with a team of people who are skilled in financing, advertising and marketing. Ensuring that your business excels in these fields will help increase leads and improve your dealership’s sales pipeline. Like dealerships, sound lead generation sites rely on data to extract information from future customers through advertising strategies. Social media, search engine optimization and retargeting are just some of the marketing tools that your lead generation partner should use – if they don’t, it’s a tell-tale sign that you’re not with the best company out there.

It’s important to note that not all lead generation sites on the internet are as good as they say they are. It would be a major disappointment to buy leads that end up being questionable and from a bad source. The process of how a third-party site obtains their leads is also a really important factor. Make sure the service is reliable at providing leads. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you’re paying for leads, you’re paying for expertise that is going to target your market.

Canada Drives is partnered with hundreds of car dealerships across Canada. Since 2010, we’ve been providing quality and affordable leads to dealerships all over the country. Through exclusivity and real-time leads, we’re able to deliver leads securely to your inbox within minutes of the customer applying. With low set-up fees and the ability to track your advertising dollar to the penny, we’re able to reach the best customers so that your dealership can focus on converting local leads into sales. Our advertising reaches more Canadians than any other lead provider across the nation. Visit Canada Drives to connect with our Dealer Service team right now!

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