How Your Dealership Can Benefit from the Exclusive Canada Drives Dealer Portal

By Stephanie Atherton | Dealer Services

Disorganization at car dealerships is a huge problem – it’s the difference between not making money and being successful. Every lead at a dealership should be nurtured the right way, but with so many leads to manage, a dealership needs a system.

There are CRM systems. However, learning how sophisticated CRM systems work can take time—time that a sales team can't afford or is unwilling to commit.

The sales team at a car dealership is busy, and logging every interaction with a customer can be time-consuming in a time-sensitive environment. Ensuring that leads are being well-managed by sales people, who typically aren’t the strongest in office administration, can cause mismanagement of important deals which could cost thousands of dollars.

When investing time and money in advertising and leads, efficiency is critical. How successful a dealership is at managing their leads will rely on several different factors but being organized will make a huge difference. A dealership’s success could hinge on their ability to be organized.

The difference between breaking even and being a great dealership may come down to a simple but effective lead management system. That’s why we developed the Canada Drives Dealer Portal – a tool that can help dealerships be more proactive when receiving and responding to new leads and follow-ups.

After years of working directly with hundreds of car dealerships, we’re introducing a more effective way for your dealership to manage leads and maximize profit. Having everything accounted for at your dealership will minimize the pain-points associated with lost leads. Here’s how our Dealer Portal can provide the necessary functionalities that traditional CRM systems might lack:


If you don’t know how each of your leads are being managed, you’re already in a hole. Managers and team members can access reports that include information on application conditions, statuses and total gross profits.

Documenting the data of a sale has never been easier with our Dealer Portal. Through the “Dealer Feedback” section, preset data populates into reports and dashboards, allowing your sales team to easily track the return of investment with each lead. Dealerships can also access individual reports which cover a variety of key metrics. These reports include information that can help you track application conditions, statuses and total gross profits. Within the portal, users can customize reports and change how data is displayed, visually customizing what is quickest and easiest for your team to read! Dealerships can also keep track of the inventory that they’re selling and the lenders who are financing their customers, making it easier to manage not only leads, but the customer’s entire car buying process.


Car-buyers and dealers all want the same thing: a smooth and easy transaction. The Canada Drives Dealer Portal wasn’t built to have a ton of features – we created a system with enhanced simplicity and organization. With an easier tool for your sales team, they’ll be much less opposed to use it, which helps GM’s better understand each lead in the system. Our industry exclusive platform includes simple technology that can help dealerships maximize profit and eliminate dealer and buyer pain-points.

The Portal is a simple solution to tracking leads and your investment. No more spreadsheets or micromanaging your team, you now have access to a user-friendly space where your leads are securely stored and where your staff can update applications depending on the stage of the customer's buying cycle.

Canada Drives is continuously striving to help our dealer partners succeed. Within our Dealer Portal, you can find resources that were built to help you succeed at managing your specific dealership or dealer group. It’s easy to on-board new team members and it’s always available to use.


Our Dealer Portal is user-friendly. Any team member can login to the Dealer Portal and receive easy access to preset reports, incoming applications and customer information. With the Dealer Portal, members of a dealership can keep management updated by inputting daily, weekly and monthly information, making it easier for management to understand the status of every single lead that they’ve paid for via advertising. To beat disorganization at your car dealerships and get on-demand status checks of every lead in the system, our Dealer Portal will make you feel good about seeing real-time updates. Management can be updated by your sales team by just adding a little information into the portal.

All the information in the Dealer Portal can be accessed 24/7, which can help with prioritizing leads, staying organized, refocusing on in-store customers and allowing to have team members input their data whenever it’s most convenient for them.

The Canada Drives Dealer Portal puts control back into your hands, making it easier for you to organize leads and be on top of your A-game. Ready to start making higher profit with better customer retention? Learn more about the Canada Drives Dealer Portal and inquire with us here right now.

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