How to Attract Millennial Car Buyers

By Canada Drives Newsroom | Dealer Services

Millennials – a generation thought to be lazy, broke and still living at home with their parents. However, don’t assume that these stigmas are true, especially when you’re trying to sell to Millennial car buyers. They’re highly-educated, tough negotiators, and were born to read between the lines.

These next-generation car buyers are disrupting the automotive industry with their interest in affordable, environmentally friendly and sleek, high-tech vehicles, and just like they’re waiting to move to the suburbs to settle down, they’re waiting to buy cars too – but that doesn’t mean that they never will.

Selling vehicles to Millennial buyers starts with understanding their needs and wants. When implementing a sales strategy for this generation, keep these three things in mind:

1. If they don’t have your trust, you won’t make a sale

Faced with unlimited options online, Millennials know exactly what they want when they step into your dealership, and there’s a good chance they know just as much information as you do. Throw your aggressive, hard selling tactics out of the window and start implementing a sales strategy that is revolved around honest selling techniques.

Eighty-five percent of Millennials do online research before they purchase a vehicle; they’re reading reviews, searching for deals and looking for ratings. Little honesty with these folks could cost you a poor review and negative word-of-mouth marketing – the last thing you want.

2. They don’t just want high tech, they need it

Born into the digital age, technology for Millennials isn’t just entertainment, it’s a tool. Selling to the younger generation of car buyers means recognizing that they don’t just want a vehicle to get them from point A to B, they want a device that’s going to be an extension of their digital lives. Touchscreen interfaces, Smartphone applications and mobile integrated technology are just some of the features that they’re looking for. As a dealer, highlighting how software features will add to their connected life will be an important factor for Millennial buyers.

3. Your selling technique starts on their cell phone

Millennials spend up to 10 hours a day on their cell phone, and according to a recent study, they use mobile devices during the car shopping process more than double compared to non-Millennials. As a business, you should be marketing yourself through their favoured device. With the ease, quickness and affordability of ride-share programs, your dealership should work to provide a mobile experience to your potential customers that is just as fast and just as effortless. From getting pricing, finding listings, retrieving directions and reading reviews, the faster Millennials can get on-demand information, the more likely that they’ll come into your business.

Canada Drives’ SMS platform keeps up-to-date with current and potential customers. Our mobile friendly applications allow a person to apply with us via their Smartphone in 2 minutes or less, and we’ve seen a ton of success in mobile marketing.

When it’s time for a Millennial car buyer to purchase a vehicle, they won’t just settle for high-horsepower or the cheapest deal. Millennials want vehicles that represent their lifestyles – practical, high-quality and smart as hell. Want to boost up your percentage of Millennial customers? Do it correctly and you’ll keep them (and then some) for a long time.

Smart. Affordable. Reliable.

Start getting quality customers you can count on with Canada Drives today.

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